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Phone - 616.453.4245
Race Location:
Hanson Hills Recreation Area, M-93 Grayling Michigan

Event Description:
12 & 24 Hour Mountain Bike Endurance Race

Course Description:
Trail is approx. 10.5 miles per lap of Single and Dbl track trails

Time Schedule:
Saturday September 6th  2014
8:00am - 9:30am Late Registration and Pre-Registration # Pickup
9:30am Mandatory riders meeting
10:00am         Start of both 12 & 24 Hour race
10:00pm Finish for 12 hour riders

Sunday September 7th  2014
10:00am Finish for 24 hour riders
11:00am Breakfest buffet & awards for all 12/24 riders

Required Equipment:
No License Required, ANSI Approved Helmet
Bicycle in proper working order
Lap counting ability and a Competitive spirit

Event Sponsors: Hammer Nutrition, T-9, Rapid Fire, Trek, Gordon Water,  Silversmith, Ramada Inn of Grayling, West Michigan Bike & Fitness

General Information:
***  All 4 person teams NOW must all ride the final lap for overall finish = Finish time & laps based on last team rider in.   
*** rule above for both the 12 & 24 hour events and includes all 4 person teams & Elite teams.  Not required for 2 person teams.
Free swag to the first 100 registered riders
Pit area tents and overnight camping is allowed
Only one rider per team on the course at a time, 1 of the opposite sex required to qualify a mixed team
Two person teams required to do a minimum of 2-3 laps; Four person teams 1-2 laps per person during the event
On course repairs may be performed by registered riders/racers only
Food & water support may be provided by anyone to anyone at anytime
Working front light and flashing rear light is required for the night portion of the race - Riders finishing without lights in working order will lose that lap!
Prize Drawings for all participants!
Ideal Family fun, Spectators welcome free of charge

Contact & Additional Information:
Fun Promotions LLC  616-453-4245
West Michigan Bike & Fitness -  Grandville 616-531-9911, Kentwood 616-942-1880, Holland 616-393-0046

Lodging please call Ramada Inn Of Grayling 989-348-7611  See ad/coupon in Mich MTB NEWS, mention bike race for special rate!

Event Fees:
Add $5 per rider for day of race registrations
Individuals/Solo riders - Males compete in 4 age groups, Single Speed & Women compete separate. Awards to top 10 in all classes receive awards
Reg 12 hours - $80   
Reg 24 hours - $120 

2 Person teams - awards to top 3 teams in each class
Reg 12 hours - $130
Reg 24 hours - $180

4 Person teams - awards to top 3 teams in each class
Reg 12 hours - $200
Reg 24 hours - $320

Elite Team 2, 3 or 4 person  $350 per team  only 1 class 75% payback
race age as of 12-31-2014

Solo - 29 & under, 30-39, 40-49,  50+, Single Speed, Womens
Two person Teams - Open Sport & Open Advanced
Four person Teams - Open Sport, Open Mixed, Open Vets 35+
Elite Team - 2, 3 or 4 persons  24 hour only  75% payback

Please send registration to: Pre registration deadline Sept 1st   2014
Fun Promotions LLC  PO BOX 1383  Grand Rapids, Mich  49501
Hanson Hills 12 & 24 Sept. 6th & 7th 2014 Hour Mountain Bike Endurance Race
Hanson Hills Rec. Area, Grayling - Michigan

Mail In Registration   /  On-Line Registration ( below )
12 Hour
24 Hour
Solo 29 and Under
Solo 30-39
Solo 40 - 49
Solo 50+
Solo Single Speed
Solo Women
2 Person Team Open Sport
2 Person Team Open Advanced
4 Person Open Sport
4 Person Open Mixed
4 Person Open Vets 35+
Elite 2,3 or 4  Person Team